Centriphery successfully gets Funding from Creative Europe!

We are happy to announce, that the European project Centriphery sucessfully is selected for funding by Creative Europe. Out of 92 projects, 17 will receive funding.

As every Periphery is its own centre, Centriphery will give the citizens of the so-called “periphery” a
central voice in exploration and transformation of local myths and empower them to participate in
the re-creation of local identities and European narratives.
Centriphery is a multi-layered interdisciplinary, inclusive and accessible, European project engaging
professional international artists in an intensive dialogue with local artists, participating citizens
(citizen artists) in decentralised regions.
Audience Development is defined in a broader interactive sense, extending access to underrepresented
groups or people with special abilities and engaging citizens in the creation process. It
fosters Capacity Building through intensive workshops and innovative approaches to co-creation
through the development of a participatory methodology involving residencies and exchanges,
giving citizens a voice in a self-reflection process about their identity and potential transformation.
Starting point of the artistic research is intangible cultural heritage in the form of local myths and
their relevance to the identity of the regions. Using stories as bridges between past and future,
contemporary regional and European narratives will be developed.
By connecting artists and citizens from different regions (Transnational Mobility) and interlinking
contemporary local realities with intangible cultural heritage, Centriphery will enhance intercultural
dialogue and promote respect for the diversity of European cultures and common values.
EU funding will sustain collaborations across borders, support the human resource intensive process
of participation and inclusion, and strengthen culture as a pillar of sustainable regional
As a result, Centriphery will develop a variety of artistic creations, organize policy dialogues and
research symposia, create guides for future participatory projects, and implement artistic capacity
building and regional exchange programme.

Centriphery partners:
Festival der Regionen, Austria
Dansehallerne, Denmark
Cultura Nova, The Netherlands
Walk&Talk, The Azores
La Manufacture Collectif Contemporain, France
Rijeka 2020, Croatia
Asociatia PRIN BANAT, Timișoara
, Romania
Espoon Kaupunginteatteri, Finland
New Culture Foundation, Bulgaria